Localization Applications and Products

More than 20 years in telematic systems of geolocation, electronics and telecommunications. Location products and telematics platform for the management, control, prevention and security of people, vehicles and assets in mobile environments. 

Localisation Solutions for Businesses

Full control of your vehicles

Integrable with your internal systems (Api, webservice)

Real-time or delayed location

CO2 emissions

Improving vehicle allocations for service provision

Temporarily share the location of your vehicles with your customers

Improve reporting and control mechanisms with detailed and individualised data.

Efficient driving. Hard acceleration, braking, cornering...

Localiza.info is a very practical and easy to use geolocation system.

Thanks to our systems localiza.info and localiza.movil, you will be able to geolocate and manage numerous parameters of your car, motorbike, fleet of vehicles, boat…

As simple as accessing from any computer, smartphone or tablet and you will have total control of their activity and know their location at any time.

location, control, management and security

With this system you will be able to locate, control, manage and provide security for your vehicles.

Simply by accessing from any computer with internet access, you can view the information you require about your company’s fleet of vehicles.

You will have total control of the activity of your vehicles and you will know their location at any time.

You will obtain a significant reduction in costs and time with an increase in productivity.

Logbook App –App for the driver

Full control of vans, cars or rigid trucks. IoT GPS tracking technology

Real-time localisation

Visualisation of completed routes

Kilometres covered

Notification of notices via APP

Impact Notice


Speeding warning

Maintenance notification management

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